At Stories by AI, we’re fascinated by the intersection of human creativity and the capabilities of AI. Recent innovations in machine learning such as GPT-3, DALL·E 2, and more provide exciting new tools for artists of all kinds. We strive to showcase the potential of these tools by sharing short stories written, illustrated, and narrated with the help of AI.

How we do it

Currently, this project is being run by Celeste Kallio and Andrey Kurenkov. Celeste is our main author, and has published more than a dozen stories on this newsletter within the last year. Andrey primarily works on illustration and narration, but occasionally also publishes his own stories. We use a mix of tools such as GPT3, SudoWrite, ChatGPT, BeyondWords, ElevenLabs, Midjourney, DALLE-2, DreamStudio, and more! Our aim is to keep up with the latest tools and explore what possibilities they offer.

Submit Your Stories

If you’re interested in co-creating art with us, send story ideas or other feedback to

To submit full stories:

  • Stories must be short (around 1,000 words, though this is somewhat flexible).

  • In a cover letter, supply a third-person bio and a bit about your process of co-creating with AI.

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Unique tales written, illustrated, and narrated with AI


Celeste Kallio

Writer, technologist, aspiring mermaid.

Andrey Kurenkov 

Former AI researcher (PhD from Stanford), current AI builder. Co-founder of The Gradient, Last Week in AI, and Stories by AI. Writer, photographer, youtuber, podcaster, dilettante.