At Stories by AI, we’re fascinated by the intersection of human creativity and the capabilities of AI. Recent innovations in machine learning such as GPT-3, DALL·E 2, and more provide exciting new tools for artists of all kinds. We strive to showcase the potential of these tools by sharing short stories written, illustrated, and narrated with the help of AI.

Lofty notions aside, we also hope these stories will be entertaining! We want to retain some of the surreal weirdness AI text generators can dream up, and combine it with a human touch — while not entirely “by AI”, these stories will still be plenty different from what you’re used to!

How we do it


Celeste Kallio, a writer of speculative fiction, is the head write on our project.

“I use Sudowrite to co-write, and start with a germ of an idea. The program continues writing based on what you provide, and like a good improv actor, is big on “yes, and”. But, if you don’t steer the story, the AI tends to meander around in circles.”


Sharon Zhou, an AI researcher and instructor, creates art to accompany the stories using Dalle-2 from OpenAI.

“I just read the story and think of phrases that might generate cool things, especially notable nouns. I’ll tweak it based on the outputs.”


Andrey Kurenkov, a fellow AI researcher and a lead editor of The Gradient, creates the narration for each story using BeyondWords.

“I first become aware of BeyondWords when we started using it to generate the audio versions of our articles on The Gradient, and was impressed by what it was capable of. It’s fun to start with the text and try to get a good audio version with AI - some creative control is possible through the selection of voices and punctuation, so generating the narration is a bit of an iterative process.

Submit Your Stories

If you’re interested in co-creating art with us, send story ideas or other feedback to

To submit full stories:

  • Stories must be under 1,000 words.

  • In a cover letter, supply a third-person bio and a bit about your process of co-creating with AI.


Celeste Kallio
Writer, technologist, aspiring mermaid.
Andrey Kurenkov
Andrey Kurenkov is a PhD student with the Stanford Vision and Learning Lab. His work primarily focuses on applying deep reinforcement learning for robotic manipulation. He is also a co-founder and lead editor of both The Gradient and Skynet Today.